The Author

This is Alyssa’s first book and she wrote this book to explain the loss of her daughter (Charlotte) to her Twin sister (Madeleine). It’s her genuine hope that this book makes a very difficult situation just a little easier for everyone, but especially for children.


Alyssa lives on the Gold Coast with her two young daughters Madeleine and Edith, her husband Peter and their little silky terrier Koda. Having suffered the loss of one of her twin girls in 2016 due to extreme prematurity Alyssa has been passionate about trying to create a resource for other families and children that may help explain absence and loss in a way that isn’t too scary or overly sad but still allows children a way to process the reality of absence in their own way.


Her two girls, Madeleine and Edith, both completely different as they often are, are full of life and certainly keep her and Peter busy.


In 2021, Alyssa suffered a stroke which has prevented her from returning to her corporate job at an executive level but, on a positive note, has provided her some time to dedicate to bringing Charlotte’s Shoes (her first book) to life. Having personally experienced this type of loss, Alyssa’s genuine hope is that, this difficult situation, is that little bit easier with this book and she hopes that Charlotte’s Shoes can help bring or begin to bring healing and closure to a very challenging situation for parents and children alike.